Jun 03, 2023

How To Upgrade Your Home Decor With Contact Paper

You don’t have to be invested in the latest TikTok home interior drama to be interested in affordable and easy home improvement. And if you’re looking to spruce up you’re living space without spending too much time or money, I have just the thing for you: contact paper. You heard it here first: The 1970s trick associated with underwear drawers is a cool, versatile and affordable way to elevate nearly every surface in your home.

Though I’ve dabbled in the world of peel-and-stick wallpaper for years, my love affair for contact paper started this past spring. DIY blogs go in-depth about the difference in these two materials, but in short, contact paper is generally cheaper, made with vinyl and meant to put on horizontal surfaces like counters or tables, whereas removable wallpaper is generally made with paper, can be more costly and is often used vertically, i.e. on walls.

Upon moving into a bigger and whiter apartment, I was looking for something cheap to bring a little color and character over bland counters, sad cabinets and a really ugly standing closet thing my landlord said I couldn’t get rid of.

After many a night on DIY home design Pinterests, I fell in love with contact paper. Gone are the days when basic contact paper was used to protect your grandma’s unmentionables; we’re putting this beloved material on our refrigerators, stairs, bookshelves and even bathroom sinks. And when it’s no longer serving us or it’s time to move, we’re easily peeling off the paper, leaving no trace of our artistic pursuits.

To help you upgrade your home on a budget, I’m sharing the actual contact papers I have in my own as well as some of my other favorites from Amazon. Each comes in different sizes and formats, so be sure to measure your space to order adequately. If you’re not sure how much you need or think you’ll need multiple rolls, my favorite DIY YouTuber LaughCryDIY explained in a recent video that contact paper is often printed in batches per order, so it’s ideal to order everything you need in one go, as there may be slight variations in colors or textures if you make multiple orders. You’ll also probably want a little installing kit, which, of course, you will also find below.

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