Jul 05, 2023

'She's forgiven', Business owner recovers after one

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Gravel, debris and a blocked off Main St. once surrounded the Main Street Commons building in late July.

Now, the majority of the businesses are up and running. The Main Salon and Spa is one of those businesses. However, it might take until mid-September for the salon to be 100% back.

The area of the Main Street Commons that partially collapsed the night of July 23 is now a small, vacant lot with a small pile of bricks in the middle.

Salon and spa owner Betz Castro Rodriguez said the scene is still hard to see for him.

"I still see the floor plan, I still see the old ramp," Rodriguez said. "I see that terrazzo flooring. You can still see the bricks."

A third of the Rodriguez's business was forced to be demolished after a minivan crashed into the building just before 10:45 p.m. July 23. The speed and impact of the crash caused a portion of the Commons building to partially collapse.

Now, Rodriguez is trying to move on.

"You never prepare, you never think something like this happening," Rodriguez said. "But life happens you just got to take those hits. Make the best out of them."

One side of the business consists of manicure and pedicure stations, an eyebrow station, and a room for facial and waxing operations.

The other side featured a variety of objects that was previously located in the part of the building that collapsed. Among the damages caused by the collapse, the second half of the Salon and Spa does not have air conditioning. Rodriguez hopes the area will be ready for operation by mid-September.

"Justice does need to take action in this. However, going after her or anything like that will never change what what we have here," Rodriguez said. "The building was affected, the clients were affected, but the spirit of the salon hasn't been affected. I just have to keep pressing forward and do what I have to do for my clients and our staff."

Merissa Reed was the driver of the minivan that crashed into the building. She faces the following charges:

Reed has a history with traffic violations:

Reed appeared in court Monday morning for her arraignment. The status of the plea and further court dates will be updated soon.As for Betz, he said he has forgiven Reed and looks forward to solely focusing on his business.