Aug 05, 2023

Stone Creek Furniture prides itself on customization

For over 30 years, Stone Creek Furniture has provided custom-made, high-quality cabinets, media walls and tables for custom homebuilders, businesses and homes around the state. Its custom cabinets can be adjusted to fit on any wall and around any appliance. (Courtesy of Stone Creek Furniture)

For over 30 years, Stone Creek Furniture has provided custom-made, high-quality cabinets, media walls and tables for custom homebuilders, businesses and homes around the state.

Priding itself with its slogan of “furniture the way you want it” the company boasts two stores, one in Chandler off Kyrene Road near Chandler Boulevard and the other in Scottsdale off Scottsdale Road and Bell. But its growth didn’t come overnight.

The first Stone Creek Furniture store opened in early 1993 off I-10 and 40th Street and Jones felt ready to broaden his inventory.

Stone Creek Furniture began making a name for itself by building custom entertainment centers, customizing home offices and fireplaces.

After navigating his way through the rigors of finding suppliers of materials and furniture, Jones realized that his business was in a unique market; the market of custom-made furniture.

“Our slogan is ‘furniture the way you want it,’” he said. “I can shrink it, make it taller or shorter, I can make it fit certain components and I can customize it so it fits with the client's home and then they can pick the colors.”

Stone Creek Furniture said other stores may have less expensive pieces, but at his place, customers have customization options and durability.

“I compete on price against other high-end custom millwork places because they don't have showrooms like we have in Chandler and Scottsdale,” Jones said.

After a few years in his store off I-10 and 40th Street, Jones expanded the business north to Scottsdale.

Currently, Stone Creek Furniture is near Kierland Commons on Scottsdale Road. The store’s location has allowed Jones to attract high-end clients like custom homebuilders, restaurant owners and homeowners.

Then in 2008, Stone Creek Furniture veered into the custom cabinetry market when it inked deals with luxury appliance brands Viking, Subzero, Wolf and Cove to build cabinets for the brand's showrooms.

This gave the brand stronger visibility which resulted in an influx of orders for custom cabinetry made from quality materials.

“We use heavier, thicker wood and we also use the best drawer hardware,” Jones said. “Then we have an unlimited range of colors and wood species as well as styles from real modern to contemporary to very traditional.”

The partnership with these appliance makers also gave Stone Creek Furniture the opportunity to learn how to build cabinets and kitchen counters around high-end appliances.

This presence eventually landed Jones on the radar of custom homebuilders in the valley which allowed Stone Creek Furniture to design custom media walls, kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces for custom homebuyers.

Currently, Jones says that half of his business consists of filling orders for custom homebuyers.

The other half of his business has come from Stone Creek Furniture’ free in-home consultation, during which trained representatives visit clients’ homes to obtain measurements, discuss color options and show 3D renderings of furniture, and business generated from his showrooms in Scottsdale and Chandler, which are open to the public.

The business has remained as steady as ever for Stone Creek Furniture as the company saw a boom in 2020 when its customers began constructing more elaborate home offices and taking on home renovation projects.

“Working from home created a demand for the home office but also for entertainment at home when movie theaters closed down,” Jones said. So that also benefited our media wall business as well as our kitchen and bathroom business.”

Although its products and services have served as a steady base of revenue for his business for over 30 years, Jones admits that his staff has been the glue that has kept his operation together.

“We’ve been what I would call a family-run business,” he said. “I’ve had my sons work here, but even if you’re not related by blood, we still see you as a part of the family. Which is why some of our employees have been with us for 20-plus years.”

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