May 18, 2023

Live your best “Tomato Girl Summer” with these 8 recipes

The coastal grandmother might have had her moment in the sun (shaded by a bucket hat, of course), but this summer’s lifestyle inspiration is a bit more globe-trotting: Welcome to Tomato Girl Summer, which is what TikTok influencers have declared this season to be.

The Tomato Girl aesthetic is a breezy, Mediterranean vibe that’s all about alfresco lunches (preferably on a terrazzo overlooking the Amalfi coast but a picnic blanket at the park will do), linen sundresses, generally living la dolce vita — and, of course, everyone’s favorite summer produce. Even though the trend literally has tomato in its name, the red beauties aren’t the only foods that conjure up the summer’s new zeitgeist. Tomato Girls embrace all kinds of seasonal flavors, and they like their food low-lift and fuss-free, because who has time to sweat in the kitchen when you could be boating to Capri?

To channel the Tomato Girl life, tie a kerchief around your hair, slip on some espadrilles and try these recipes from our database:

Pictured above. The vibrant colors of this Italian classic are perfect for a luncheon spread, and it doesn’t get any simpler than this no-cook stunner. Get the recipe.

The more misshapen this crowd-pleaser is, the more photogenic it looks. And no one (especially not your TikTok followers) needs to know if you use a premade crust. Get the recipe.

Another zero-heat-required dish that’s brimming with Italian flavors. Get the recipe.

Sophia Loren (a.k.a. the OG Tomato Girl) once said, “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.” We could imagine her diving into a bowl of this. Get the recipe.

Bring the charm of a Ligurian trattoria to your patio table with this dish, which uses both canned and fresh bivalves. Get the recipe.

The sunny liquor that’s practically a primary food group on the Amalfi coast flavors this tart-sweet dessert. Get the recipe.

Light and refreshing, this aperitivo is ideal for warm-weather entertaining. Get the recipe.

This lightened-up version of a Negroni might have recently had a viral moment, but it’s long been a standby for a good reason. Get the recipe.