Jul 23, 2023

Zoe Saldana’s Parisian chic apartment keeps minimal design fresh, and designers adore its authentic aesthetic

The Special Ops: Lioness star recently celebrated her birthday with her husband Marco Perego in a space inspired by her favorite city in the world: Paris.

Zoe Saldana’s Instagram shows the Guardians of the Galaxy actress in her sleek Parisian apartment, posing with her adorable dog on the gray-brown hardwood floors. In the background, cream paneling frames tall bay windows which are highlighted by intricate, swirling ironwork. A dark gray wooden desk and an office chair are at her back. Zoe’s muted and elegant apartment perfectly captures the Parisian chic style.

The Parisian modern style is known for its simple sophistication. Features typical of the aesthetic include long windows, carved molding, and parquet floors. Furniture in a Parisian chic space tends to be minimal to allow room for light and to let the open space speak for itself. The color palette is neutral sometimes including natural and jewel-toned accents.

Interior designer Ksenya Malina of Time and Place Designs reminds us ‘Parisian chic embodies beauty in simplicity. It offers a joie de vivre where the style is effortless, and enjoyment of the good things in life is plentiful. The true Parisian chic look is elegant, as it focuses less on passing trends and more on classic, uncomplicated good taste that's characterized by natural materials and an unapologetic mix of high and low design.’

To recreate the look of the Avatar alum’s stylish flat, Malina recommends focusing on the little things. ‘To bring Parisian chic into your home, look to unfussy details like unironed linens on your table, a weekly rotation of fresh flowers in your entry, combinations of well-worn antiques mixed with modern furniture, and natural fibers in all your textiles. You can add a spark of Paris through bentwood bistro chairs or black-and-white tile’ she says.

The clean tailored look of the Parisian chic apartment is also created through an artful combination of neutral colors. Melissa Read, creative director of Studio Burntwood states ‘opt for a muted color palette, with neutral undertones, such as Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball. Pair this with natural stone furniture such as a marble coffee table to add a touch of elegance.’ She further recommends that ‘In terms of metal finishes, the best finish to achieve this look would be antique brass with a natural patina.’

Shop chic French-inspired pieces below to create your own Parisian oasis.

Faux White Orchid

This medium bunch of fresh-looking flowers made of fabric and plastic will last forever. Place in a tall glass vase for an extra Parisian touch.

Traditional White Trim

Urethane crossheads can be added to doors, windows, and walls for an elegant detail. This traditional version is perfect for a Parisian chic space.

Celine Desk

This streamlined, minimalist desk designed by Nazanin Kamali for Case is made of sleek black wood. It has tapered legs for style and a drawer for function.