May 31, 2023

Home in Mumbai

By Ashna Lulla

This compact 720 sq. ft home in Mumbai, Juhu has been pared back to create a confident, minimal space free of fuss and unnecessary flourishes for a young family of four. While the space might be small, it’s spoilt with light (both natural and artificial), something homeowners Gaurav and Richa Jain were insistent on. Mumbai-based design practice Studio Muktinidhi replaced the living-passageway wall with a glass block wall, a game changer transforming the apartment into a modern, light-filled oasis. Designers Mukt Rathi and Nidhi Chaudhary introduced repetitive elements to create a cohesive backdrop. From tall pink Makrana marble skirting to unconventional grid patterns that repeat in myriad ways through the space, every aspect has been considered to create a harmonious and visually appealing environment.

A tone-on-tone delicate grid wall and jute rug anchor the space. TIS Living, Gurgaon, customized all the furniture, upholstered by NP Parekh and decorated with cushions from FabIndia.

Continuing the material palette, the pink Makrana marble is used as the coffee tabletop accessorized by ceramics from NISU. The furniture and palette are kept light and warm – olive greens, warm reds, and pale grays.

A delicate tone-on-tone egg-white grid pattern forms the accent wall in the living area. The grid pattern continues onto the media unit, crafted from Corian in pastel hues blending with the warm colour palette. The passage also showcases ‘the grid’ through glass blocks, further reinforcing the cohesive design language. The dining, bar, and living are interconnected, and the furniture has been limited to the key pieces for each space, avoiding overcrowding. Earthy hues – auburn, olives, rust, pale oranges and beige make up the primary palette in the communal areas.

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Egg-white glossy piccolo tiles from Sameer Ceramics and matte black kitchen equipment highlight the monotone slate gray kitchen.

A glass block wall unified the grid play throughout the apartment while brightening the passageway.

Moving to the kitchen, functionality and design are skilfully combined. A sliding folding door with fluted glass provides privacy while maintaining an open atmosphere, effectively dealing with the effects of Indian cooking. A monotone shutter and counter in Stonelam give an impression of lightness and space. Soft-white glossy piccolo tiles break the monotony of the neutral kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling storage is planned along one wall, ridding the main working counter with overhead cabinetry.

Floor-to-ceiling teak wood shutters with a jute infill wrap the master bedroom suite. Switchplates are integrated into a low dark gray-upholstered bed with an olive green throw.

The master bathroom screams luxe with its slatted wood ceiling and marble inlay vanity from La Italia.

The bedroom doors are designed to complement the grid pattern element of the house, with custom-made handles seamlessly integrated into the grid, creating an invisible appearance that adds to the overall aesthetic. A light, easy palette accentuates the master bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling jute wardrobes extend across an entire wall. A sleek rod light placed on top of the headboard serves as ambient lighting, adding a touch of uniqueness to the space. Thoughtful placement of mirrors avoids obstructing the sleeping angle while enhancing the overall sense of space. The master bathroom exudes luxury. Upon entering, an inlay bench immediately catches the eye, a full mirrored wall that creates an illusion of depth. A custom-made marble washbasin and a small bench built from inlay contribute to the luxe appeal.

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A quirky cloud-shaped Murphy bed is tucked into a niche with sunshine-yellow bookshelves, maximizing space.

A custom desk is integrated into a sunshine-yellow Lego wall.

A playful vibe permeates the children’s bedroom. A Murphy bed integrates into the wardrobe wall when closed, maximizing space. The designers incorporated a vibrant yellow Lego wall upon the client's request. The bathroom is an extension of the fun palette – neon grouting, glass block walls, and a pink Makrana marble handmade vanity. Every inch of this home in Mumbai has been carefully considered and efficiently planned for. Plenty of storage and thoughtful details share this compact family home in harmony,” the designers concluded.

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