May 30, 2023

Laboratory Renovation for Panasonic Industry / kvalito

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A laboratory renovation project for Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. - A laboratory renovation project for Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd., which develops and produces various electronic devices. Due to the preconditions of the project, where it is difficult to change existing walls, ceilings, equipment, etc., the inside of the existing frame is made possible by original fixtures using single pipes (counters, benches, storage shelves, exhibition space, whiteboards, perforated board walls, etc.). The intention was to create a diverse range of venues. The existing heavy workbench is reused, and the color scheme is set based on the color of its legs.

“Focusing on the color of ready-made heavy fixtures that I have never paid attention to before” and “Thinking about what can be done with general-purpose materials such as single pipe pipes (single pipe for construction 48.6φ / single pipe for agriculture 25.4φ) As a creative space where various things such as "things" will be created in the future, I hope that this kind of creative thinking will be propagated to the engineers working here and help their creative activities.

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd. SIDE TABLE|WAGON made from waste material - This is a bench-side table and caster wagon designed for the renovation of the laboratory of Panasonic Industries Co., Ltd. The top plate is made from waste material from the opening of the sink, which is generated when manufacturing artificial marble kitchen counters. We used the characteristic corner shape of the opening as it is, and designed the structure and shape of the furniture using that shape as a clue.

Hana Abdel -